Event Summary: SWM-P Science Writing and Ethics Mentorship in Dnipro / Підсумки зустрічі з написання наукових робіт і дотримання етичних та правових норм в межах ПННР у м. Дніпро



One Health Focused Training Event: SWM-P Science Writing and Ethics Mentorship, 24-25 July, Dnipro, Ukraine. The main aim of the session was to raise awareness about key aspects of scientific ethics, tools available for supporting the writing process, as well as the SWM-P program and the upcoming 2018 SWM-P Symposium Continue reading

How to receive financial support to attend scientific events?/Як отримати фінансову підтримку для участі в наукових подіях?



Dear colleagues, 

As we receive more requests for support to attend professional scientific events, especially international conferences, this information will help to clarify for you how the process of support works
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Join us at the 2017 CBEP Ukraine Regional One Health Research Symposium!/Приєднуйтесь до нас на Регіональному Науковому Симпозіумі в рамках концепції “Єдине здоров’я” за підтримки ПЗСБД в Україні!



Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to inform you that the registration process for presenting at the 2017 CBEP Ukraine Regional One Health Research Symposium is fully completed! During the 10 weeks of application period we received  Continue reading